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Michael Duran named in D Magazine
as a Best Lawyer in Dallas 2017

In its May 2017 issue, D Magazine named Michael Duran as one of the Best Lawyers in Dallas in the area of Probate: Trusts & Estates.

The selection process. To compile their list of the best lawyers in Dallas, D Magazine asked lawyers with a valid Texas Bar number to nominate two lawyers outside their firm and one within their firm across all voting categories, keeping the following question in mind: “Which Dallas lawyers, of those whose work you have witnessed firsthand, would you rank among the current best? Answers may include co-counsel, lawyers you have observed in court, and opposing counsel.” After the votes are tallied, a panel of eminent lawyers will meet with D Magazine's editors to evaluate the Best Lawyers in Dallas 2017 list. Self-nominations did not count. The panel’s anonymity is assured to allow the lawyers to speak freely about issues regarding their peers that would be known only to the legal community. After this list was completed, the magazine turned over a copy to its sales staff. The sales department could not add to or subtract from the list. The sales staff, in turn, offered full-profile advertisements to the winners. The editors had no idea who purchased these ads, which are found in a special advertising section somewhere else in the magazine. If lawyers declined to buy an ad, they were still listed.

Although Michael is honored by the selection, consumers should understand that there are over 90,000 lawyers in the State of Texas. It is very hard to know who is the best. When looking at the list of persons selected to be a part of this list, however, Michael is honored to be in such great company.