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Estate Planning Package Fees

Simple Wills for a Fixed Fee
The Duran Firm prepares “Simple Wills” for a $800 fee. In most circumstances a Simple Will is appropriate. The Duran Firm cannot confirm this or quote you a price until the facts and circumstances of your family situation and your estate are determined.

Estate Planning Packages for a Fixed Fee

The Duran Firm prepares estate planning packages that contain Simple Wills and ancillary estate planning documents such as powers of attorney and living wills. The Firm charges $900 for a single person and $1400 for a married couple.

The Duran Firm Estate Planning Package includes:

Simple Will for Non-Taxable Estate
Transfer on Death Deed
Living Will (Directive to Physicians)
Statutory Durable Power of Attorney (Financial Power of Attorney)
Medical Power of Attorney
HIPAA Authorization (for the release of medical information)
Declaration of Guardian
Declaration of Guardian for Children
Medical Power of Attorney for Children
HIPAA Authorization (for Children)
Appointment of Agent for Disposition of Remains

Advanced Estate Planning for an Hourly-Fee

If a more sophisticated estate plan is required to address your estate, there is no way to know in advance how complex your estate plan will be. There is also no way to estimate costs. The only fair way to bill attorney’s fees for these types of cases is to bill fees on an hourly basis. No flat fees are available. Effective January 1, 2021, The Duran Firm’s hourly rate for attorney’s fees is $350 per hour. The Duran Firm’s hourly rate for paralegal work is $125 per hour.