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Client Information Worksheet - Probate of Will

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Client Information Worksheet

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Guardianship of the Person

Probate of Will as a Muniment of Title

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After the Hearing


Declaration of Guardian Form (For Court-appointed Guardians to tell the Court who they would prefer to serve as guardian of their child with special needs.)


Notice to Secured Creditors (Required within two months of appointment)

Notice to Unsecured Creditors (Permissive, but a good way to knock out estate debt)

Notify the Secured Creditors of the Estate

Within two months from appointment, the executor must also send notice of the executor's appointment to any secured creditors of the estate. The notice must be sent via certified mail, return receipt requested. An example of a Notice is provided below:

Example Notice to Secured Creditor
(Please call the Firm for the password)

Notify the Unsecured Creditors of the Estate (Maybe)

Section 308.054 of the Texas Estates Code gives an executor a powerful tool to knock out unsecured creditors' claims. Section 308.054 allows the personal representative to start a four-month statute of limitations on a creditor that has an unsecured claim for money against the estate by sending the creditor a specific notice. An example of a Notice is provided below:

Example Notice to Unsecured Creditor
(Please call the Firm for the password)